The best thing about what I do, without shadow of a doubt, is who I’ve been privileged to work with, and where that’s taken me. Incredible projects like the Red Bull Skullpture, official Star Wars events. Live painting at locations with the F1 circus around the World, at Selfridges Oxford St, Playboy, Hurlingham Club and on the Cannon Ball Run… even on a yacht through the Monaco GP, and with Jenson in Abu Dhabi. And for organisations like Muhammad Ali Enterprises, Pirelli, Thunderbirds, Star Trek, and with the Rugby Players Association every year….. often on projects raising  crazy amounts for charity too. More than humbling to be honest. And I couldn’t wish for more powerful inspiration to push on.

Its how it all fits together too which I love – combining representing myself in the F1 World, with working with galleries around the globe and through Wishbone Publishing, charities, collaborations with sports teams and enormous brands, personalities and social media – not easy to balance, but when it works, ooohhh baby.

I’m patron of It’s In The Bag (Testicular Cancer Awareness), based in Bristol, together with friends and collectors Pirelli F1′s Paul Hembery and Bristol City’s Louis Carey. Also regularly working with Gt Ormond St at The Official F1 Party, Clic Sergeant at the GP Ball, Champions of Cyclesport for Action Medical Research, The Prince’s Trust, Sparks, Willow, The British Heart Foundation and with Jake Humphrey and the guys at Break Charity in Norwich.

Special thanks to galleries who believed and gave me leg ups in the early days, Warwick Studios, Generation Gallery Manchester, View Gallery Bristol, Imitate Modern London, McDermott Galleries Birmingham and Paragon Gallery Cheltenham. And to career long business partners Racing Gold, Regent Framing and Art You Grew Up With without whom I’d have found progress very difficult.

But the lifelong friends I’ve made through the ostensibly needless and bizarre ‘job’ of painting pictures for a living, including some of the world’s biggest sports stars, musicians and entrepreneurs. Bonkers. But then they’re all just normal people with weird jobs too. As it seems many of my regular collectors are! I guess in painting icons and celebrating moments of what I love, it’s a natural connection with those with the same interests and direction in life.

As of February 2016 I’m now working with Wishbone publishing and their affiliated galleries all over the UK. Please email for specific info.